On a productivity plateau

We’re now into June, and I noticed that I’d made 177 posts in May, which sounds — well, pretty much like any May, actually. Inasmuch as the counts are (mostly) readily at hand, I went back several Mays, and came up with the following:

2010:  172.
2009:  178.
2008:  168.
2007:  169.
2006:  176.
2005:  168.
2004:  143.
2003:  145.
2002:  42.
2001:  31.

The switch to a daily (or more often) update schedule began in the summer of 2000. The jump in 2003 is explained by the fact that in August 2002, I first installed backend software to do the heavy lifting around here: before that, everything was hand-coded and tedious. (After that, it was simply tedious.)

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