A little closer to the sky

So I get an email from the guy who’s doing promotion for this treehouse (yes!) community in Costa Rica, and the first thing I do is look around for the “Yeah, right” key.

But then I hit the proffered link, and this came up:

[Finca Bellavista from Matt Rath on Vimeo.]

And in something less than the three and a half minutes of this video, I’d already decided that this qualified as Entirely Too Cool.

Mr Rath, it appears, is hoping to put together enough fundage for a full-fledged documentary on Finca Bellavista. At the very least, I can point you in his direction.

Oh, and there’s this, from the FAQ:

Even though it is a very dynamic environment, the rainforest is no more dangerous than living elsewhere. We do get a lot of rain during certain times of year (though we are outside of the hurricane belt!) and there can be earthquakes in the Southern Zone. (Treehomes are often engineered and constructed to move with the winds and with earthquakes so while a conventional structure’s foundation might be damaged after an earthquake, a treehome’s foundation (a.k.a. its root system) has evolved during its entire lifespan to absorb the vibrations far better than a slab of concrete). Isn’t it dangerous to live in Oklahoma where there are tornados, or in Florida where there are floods and hurricanes, or Australia where there are fires or … you get the point?

Point gotten.

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