Not on the best-seller list

Automakers have submitted their May sales reports, and once again, the worst-selling marque among those reporting is Daimler AG’s Maybach brand, which moved a total of four cars during those 31 days. Of course, at four hundred large per, that’s a fair chunk of change, at least to peasants at my level, but still: four. Presumed arch-rival Rolls-Royce, owned by actual Daimler arch-rival BMW, managed to sell 44. Then again, there hasn’t been a Roller dealer here since the Eighties oil bust, though Mercedes-Benz of Oklahoma City is high enough on the totem pole to rate as a Maybach “studio,” in case one of the local NBA types doesn’t want to be seen in Kevin Durant’s conversion van.

(Actually, the only Thunder player I think I’ve seen on the road is James Harden, in a Bentley with the window tint cranked up to “You’ll need the Hubble telescope.” Even then, the beard is to be feared.)

And apparently 1759 of the little Fiat Cinquecentos were loosed upon the American public in May, though I have yet to see one around town.

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  1. Jeffro »

    2 June 2011 · 10:12 pm

    You’ll find the little Fiats on the side of the road with the dead armadillos.

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