Holiday in Detroit

Bertel Schmitt reports from the front line, as it were:

“I’m tired of being ashamed of where I live,” declared Mark Reuss, President of General Motors North America, at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s annual policy conference. His colleagues are likewise frustrated. “With all the national bashing of the region,” an aversion to Michigan is ingrained in the minds of potential job prospects, said Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor. Detroit is the city of long lost sex-appeal. Echoing the dejected sentiments of a clockwatching professional with a clientele of reluctant customers, Bill Ford added: “We have to do an incredible sales job to get them to come.”

If you ask me, they need to do an incredible sales job on themselves first:

1,500 business and political leaders gathered on Mackinac Island on Friday to vent their frustration with where they live.

Mackinac Island? Of course. These are Titans of Industry. You’re not going to see them hanging around a town that gets bad press, like, say, Detroit.

Suggestion for the Detroit Regional Chamber: Next year, meet in Grand Rapids.

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