Paging Luornu Durgo

Once upon a time in the DC Universe, there was a young lady who had taken the name Triplicate Girl because she could be in three places at once, a capability I know I’d have found handy from time to time. The Legion of Super-Heroes was certainly happy to have her.

Then one of Brainiac 5’s nastier schemes killed her at one of those three places, after which, logically, she could be in only two places at once. She was accordingly renamed Duo Damsel, and continued her work with the Legion, until one day she showed up on a bus tour:

Sarah Palin and a lookalike, I think

(Purloined from a Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest. None of the 100 or so entries I read went down this particular path, which surprises me not at all.)


  1. CT »

    7 June 2011 · 8:21 am

    So you’re saying there’s a wayward Palin triplet out there somewhere? Possibly deceased, meaning a grave marker for fans to congregate around?

    I think this is how Stalin started out, too…

  2. Dan B »

    7 June 2011 · 2:43 pm

    Legion of Superheroes or Legion of Doom? After all, she did visit Lex Luthor and his hairpiece on an earlier stop of the tour.

    If she’s the banner-carrier for the GOP next year, William F Buckley, Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan will be spinning in their graves. If they weren’t already from Duh-buhya.

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