Today’s shopping tip

Retail expert Steve Sailer explains the, or at least a, difference between Target and Costco:

Target might carry 100 different varieties of shampoo, while Costco carries about three. Thus, Target has lots of pretty girls shopping there, people to whom choosing the perfect shampoo is an important gambit in the mating game, worth expending scarce mental energy upon.

Costco, in contrast, has very few pretty girls among its customers. Most shoppers look like they have kids and are shopping for 3 to 5 people, and thus they aren’t willing to finetune their purchases to meet individual idiosyncrasies: just give us something cheap and respectable.

We don’t have a Costco nearby — I suspect the establishment of the very first Sam’s Club, out on SE 29th Street, may have discouraged them — but I get better results scoping out the babes at higher-end grocers than I do at Tar-ZHAY.

On the other hand, Costco and Target aren’t polar opposites either:

The opposite of the Costco shopping experience is car shopping. Dealers work very hard to make to make buying a car a stressful experience that preys upon your class insecurities. Their ultimate goal is to make you want to impress the salesman by overpaying for the car.

And doesn’t everyone want to impress a guy in a plaid jacket? No? Surely the dealership can find some freshly-shampooed young woman at a Target store somewhere and teach her to sell cars.


  1. McGehee »

    8 June 2011 · 3:11 pm

    Wait — they’re impressed when I pay too much?

    No wonder car salesmen flee when I walk on the lot. Of course, one look at what I’d be trading in probably contributes…

  2. fillyjonk »

    9 June 2011 · 6:24 am

    I don’t have a Costco nearby. I have shopped at Sam’s Club, and found it a somewhat overwhelming experience. And then when I learned you can buy the multipacks of paper towels and such (really, the only kind of bulk buy useful to a girl who lives alone and who would tire, for example, of trying to consume five pounds of strawberries before they go bad) at Target, well, that’s one of my major shopping destinations now.

    And not only do they have lots and lots of kinds of shampoo, they also have Boots The Chemist stuff.

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