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Please allow me to quote myself:

Communications from Infiniti to yours truly have always been somewhat obsequious, the presumption being that an owner of one of these glorified Nissans somehow expects this sort of thing, or at least will respond to the corporate up-suck.

Especially, you know, after a two-page service invoice, which says up in the corner:

note: Infiniti may call and/or send you a C.S.I. survey. If for any reason you can not answer ***Excellent*** on the phone survey or the written survey please contact us!!

LeeAnn, of course, is onto this sort of scheme:

[T]he main thing is, and I learned this from a few In The Know people, unless you give the superlative answer to all questions, it doesn’t count. It goes all null and void and you might as well have accused them of sleeping with livestock or being politicians.

And indeed I have gotten better-than-decent service from this dealer, five years running, but I really dislike the idea that I’m contributing to some form of grade inflation. I’ve already blown off the phone survey; let’s see if they send me a letter.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    3 July 2011 · 3:42 pm

    Ford (and my dealership) did exactly the same song-and-dance to me when I bought my most recent car. I was informed that if I answered less than “**EXCELLENT**” for anything, I’d be getting a call, presumably to hear the sales agent committing hara-kiri over the phone.

    I never sent back the survey. Oh, there was nothing WRONG with the service I received, it was just, it seemed a bit more routine than what I would say rose to **EXCELLENT**. Because I just didn’t want to be part of that whole game.

    Then again, I don’t assign many grades of “A” in my classes, either.

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