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Sonic Charmer downgrades Super 8 to about 6.5 for an excess of mistimed cultural references:

If I were to have one gripe about the film, it’s that it gets so much about the period wrong. Why bother setting a period movie so specifically — June something 1979 — if you’re not going to do your research, even basic wiki’ing:

Rubik’s cube? Not yet sorry. The Walkman? Released in Japan first, later that year. “Don’t Bring Me Down” by ELO? July 1979. The kids sing “My Sharona” — only just released, not #1 on the charts till later that year. Three Mile Island meltdown? March not June. One kid says “awesome” as kid-slang for “great”, which I’m afraid I can’t admit into evidence till perhaps 1981-82.

The ELO reference at first threw me, since the Discovery LP was in fact released in June, but he’s right: the first single off the album was “Shine a Little Love,” which was sneaked out in May. “Don’t Bring Me Down” wasn’t released as a 45 until mid-July.

Of course, what amazes me is the persistence of “awesome,” which is still in heavy rotation in the vocabularies of seemingly everyone under thirty.

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  1. Brian J. »

    3 July 2011 · 4:37 pm

    They do miss on those things, which is why they should stick to sort of generalizations about the year. Remember what I said about 13 Going On 30 in 2004?

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