Strange search-engine queries (283)

About every seven days or so, we go through the logs, and once in a while we find some real comic gold, though regular readers will note that we’ll settle for pyrite — or zinc, even — if that’s all we can get.

fun t shirt speed limit 4 pisquare:  Yeah, but my speedometer is calibrated in natural logarithms.

“men who are witty”:  Get girls who are pretty. Or so I keep telling myself.

want to purchase thallanylzirconio:  NZT is to Limitless what the Nissan Skyline is to The Fast and the Furious. Your chances of getting your hands on either are essentially nil.

Sarah Palin In Garterbelt And Nylons:  Your chances of getting your hands on either are essentially nil.

Darnell Mayberry & The Lost Ogle:  Neo-bluegrass band from East Virginia with new album A Little Dobro’ll Do Ya. Featuring “Cardboard Jim” Traber.

nudist skinny dipping:  Well, that goes without saying, doesn’t it?

there’s a zombie in my brain…  Probably just foraging for food.

nine west fred allard is a jerk:  I shudder to think how you’d respond to Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel.

sexy dress to attract husband:  Yeah, but whose husband?

peter noone cut or uncut:  I have no idea. Have you asked Mrs Brown’s daughter? She’s quite lovely.

funny he doesn t look jewish:  Glad we could clear that up for you.

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