We blue that

I caught this item among the various vintage ads Found in Mom’s Basement, and I pass it on to you:

Print ad for Blue Cheer

The late Allan Sherman reworked “Chim Chim Cher-ee” into a satire on American advertising, and referenced the product this way:

“What does that blue magic whitener do?
Does it make blue things white, or make white things blue?”

Your mom knew the answer to that, of course.

Many years later, a band called Blue Cheer would come down with the Summertime Blues.


  1. nightfly »

    5 July 2011 · 2:38 pm

    That poor lady looks as if she has freebased the new Blue Cheer.

  2. CGHill »

    5 July 2011 · 6:14 pm

    Which is probably not what my mom meant by “I expect you to keep your nose clean.”

  3. Kirk »

    6 July 2011 · 8:01 am

    So, the answer to Allan Sherman’s musical conundrum is, neither? It actually makes yellow things whiter, by tinting them blue…. I think I need to go lie down now.

  4. Dick Stanley »

    6 July 2011 · 1:46 pm

    Blue is supposed to reflect sunlight better, making things look whiter. Or something.

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