Ted gets behind Sarah, sort of

The Sarah Palin sort-of-biopic The Undefeated pulled in about $70,000 at the box office on its first weekend, which is not a lot, but then it opened on only ten screens. (On a per-screen basis, it was second only to that Harry Potter film, which pulled nearly $40,000 per screen on over 4,000 screens; Horrible Bosses, for instance, made $5,625 per screen. Numbers from Box Office Mojo.)

Ted Leonsis, owner of the Washington Wizards (NBA) / Capitals (NHL) / Mystics (WNBA) and, just incidentally, SnagFilms, is offering to help:

We believe in sharing and streaming all films to all audiences. This is the future. We want to build a big tent and show all views and promote all documentaries. Your most passionate fans would quickly and easily see the film. The critics of your work could also be exposed to the film too and perhaps you can shine the light on your work in this way?

If the point is volume and finding a big audience and supporting charities, we can help.

The old way of doing things, in many cases, simply doesn’t work anymore.

Might work better than this few-towns-at-a-time rollout routine.

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