Doesn’t quite rhyme with “doorhinge”

There was a spirited little discussion on orange shoes, and orange apparel in general, in this space a couple of summers ago, and I think we can safely say that not everyone is willing to wear something all that citrus-y. (Said the lovely Duyen Ky: “Orange should be reserved for road-hazard cones by federal law.”)

Giuseppe Zanotti Giuseppe for Christopher KaneWith that in mind, consider this tweet: “The most fantastic orange shoe evahhhh!” A TinyURL was attached, which I followed. The shoe in question is from Giuseppe Zanotti’s Giuseppe for Christopher Kane line, and, well, it is definitely orange. I haven’t decided whether I like this or not. The customers seem to have spoken, though: all but two sizes are sold out at this writing, and the price has been cut from nosebleed-level $875 to a merely sniffly $401.

Mundane stuff: 4½-inch heel, ½-inch platform, pretty much all leather, and made (of course) in Italy. Let’s see how this goes over with our panel of critics.


  1. fillyjonk »

    21 July 2011 · 8:42 am

    Well, one of the definitions given for “fantastic” IS “Bizarre, as in form or appearance; strange:”

    Though these days, people seem more prone to use a later definition: “Wonderful or superb; remarkable”

    I think these shoes fit the first definition I gave better than the second.

  2. Tatyana »

    21 July 2011 · 8:46 am

    Me likey.

    Orange is a happy color. It goes with all summer clothes (in correct colorways). Dark-haired Asians should avoid it, however – like they should avoid all intense, chroma-saturated colors. Electric-blue or emerald-green will look as bad on them as strong orange. Their natural palette are pastels.
    Watered-down orange, transformed to peach and coral tones, complement Asian coloring pretty well.

  3. McGehee »

    21 July 2011 · 9:43 am

    I think avoiding orange jumpsuits is probably a good idea though.

  4. fillyjonk »

    21 July 2011 · 10:53 am

    I’m guessing someone out in public in an orange jumpsuit wouldn’t want those shoes – they’d be a major hindrance in running away from the jailers.

  5. Lynn »

    21 July 2011 · 1:09 pm

    They’re kinda cute. Orange shoes and clothes in general… why not? I guess you could say I’m a color rebel. I think people should wear whatever colors they damn well please, no matter what the fashion “experts” and everyday know-it-alls say. Hmmmm… I think I need more orange clothing.

  6. Francis W. Porretto »

    21 July 2011 · 3:57 pm

    Duyen has deputized me to comment for her, as the sight of those shoes gave her a need to lie down immediately with a cold cloth over her forehead.

    The last intelligible sound she made strongly resembled the anguish of a mandrill being fed into a garbage compactor.

  7. GradualDazzle »

    21 July 2011 · 4:30 pm

    Love the shoe. Hate the color. Hate it hard. Of course, you realize, this is coming from a woman who does not allow the color orange (on clothing) in through my front door, being a Sooners fan from conception.

    The shoe, however, is killer cool. If I wore heels, I would totally wear these. In fact, if they were given to me (which would be the only way I could hope to own them), I’d likely get some of my cool paints and make them, well, uniquely MINE. :)

  8. CGHill »

    21 July 2011 · 5:10 pm

    I didn’t see any mention of alternate colors at the storefront. (Then again, they could have existed, then sold out completely, and the orange was all that remained.)

  9. GradualDazzle »

    21 July 2011 · 6:23 pm

    If I had plenty of disposable income, these boots would be one of my first purchases. YOW!

  10. unimpressed »

    21 July 2011 · 7:02 pm

    @GradualDazzle: Those boots would be the easy part to afford. It’s the $20+ black and chrome accessory that’d be difficult.

  11. Nicole »

    21 July 2011 · 8:16 pm

    Too much orange. Interesting style. I might like them better if they had other splashes of color like paint spatter on them. I can’t help but think of all the circular indentations on my feet after wearing them for a few hours, though. :)

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