FKKing decline

The Germans call it Freikörperkultur: “free body culture.” And it’s more than just “established”; it’s practically The Establishment, the first local FKK organization having been founded way back in the 1890s. But it appears that demographics are slowly doing it in:

“German society is changing and it’s not easy to be a naturist anymore,” said Kurt Fischer, president of the German FKK association (DFK). There are some 500,000 registered nudists and a total of seven million Germans sunbathe naked regularly. “But the numbers are unfortunately falling by about two percent each year.”

The German population is not shrinking, exactly, but whatever stability it has is due to immigration, and rather a lot of the current crop of immigrants disdain public nudity. (What’s German for “burqa”?)

And one woman pointed out that there’s another way in which the German population is not shrinking:

“In East Germany, there were a lot more people with attractive physiques,” said Brigitte, a retired dental assistant and avid naturist who asked that her full name not be used.

“But with the rise in prosperity a lot of people have come apart at the seams and they can’t show their bodies in public anymore. We’ve become a lot chubbier with all this prosperity. It’s not really very aesthetic anymore.”

Well, how about that: the German Democratic Republic was good for something after all.

(Sneaked into my email box by GradualDazzle.)

Addendum: “So their net biomass is staying about the same,” quips the Instant Man.


  1. McGehee »

    21 July 2011 · 2:33 pm

    (What’s German for “burqa”?)

    The way the German language works their word for it probably translates literally as something like, BigBodyCoveringModestyGuard.

    Or they could just Germanicize it, which would have made for some amusing wordplay on certain episodes of “Hogan’s Heroes” on which Kathleen Freeman appeared.

  2. GradualDazzle »

    21 July 2011 · 4:40 pm

    “We’ve become a lot chubbier with all this prosperity. It’s not really very aesthetic anymore.”

    That’s what I don’t understand… why “aesthetic” has to mean “half-starved”… but then, I see beauty in sooooo many more places than most folks probably do. And if being squshy and bulgy in places is the trade-off we get for freedom from Communism, I’ll take my humps… my humps… my lovely- [ducking]

  3. no »

    21 July 2011 · 6:12 pm

    Yeah, I remember all those hot, hot DDR female athletes we’d see every 4 years. Mmm-mmm.

    Katerina Witt not included in this slur, of course.

  4. Tatyana »

    21 July 2011 · 8:03 pm

    Speaking of Katerina Witt: do you want to know what is she doing now?
    Works as a “body-painted model” in NY nightclub (see below).
    LJ has a Russian-speaking community “my_one_day”, where members makes pictures of their regular day, from getting out of bed till turning back in. One such day was documented by a wedding/events photographer whose wife is a body-paint artist and a stylist. He helped her to paint Ms. Witt and Ms Ekaterina Gordeeva (another famous “has-been”) for their appearance in the nightclub before Independence Day. Link here.

  5. Tatyana »

    21 July 2011 · 8:05 pm

    apaprently, img src doesn’t work in the comments.
    Here’s a link to the photo of two divas

  6. CGHill »

    21 July 2011 · 8:40 pm

    People end up in strange places sometimes. Nadia Comaneci lives with hubby Brad Conner in beautiful downtown Norman, Oklahoma.

    Okay, they’re not downtown, but you get the idea. (And we’re apparently bracketed by gymnasts: Shannon Miller came from Edmond, Oklahoma, though she now lives in Florida.)

    (Incidentally, the comment function also forbade the use of the diacritical mark over the a in “Comaneci.” I am going to have to review that sucker.)

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