Roundball over Quidditch

A mostly-astute observation from ESPN’s J. A. Andrade:

[James Harden] said he and his Thunder teammates haven’t discussed playing overseas if the lockout continues. They want to finish what they started. If the Thunder extend a qualifying offer to Daequan Cook it would mean … they’d have everyone who played in the playoffs last season under contract for next year. And they have the rights to their top eight playoff scorers through 2012-13 as well. Even the Harry Potter series couldn’t maintain that level of continuity.

It’s “mostly” because I have to dock Andrade half a point for not noticing that DC14 has in fact been extended a qualifying offer, though there’s room for debate as to whether that means anything during the lockout or in the expected new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Then again, if NBA teams were pulling in J. K. Rowling-level cash, there wouldn’t have been so much as a hint of a lockout this year.

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