Donna says she’s enjoying the dating process more now than she did several years ago, and she credits, of all things, demographics:

Men in their early 30’s still want cheerleaders… men in their forties are just grateful for anyone.

Well, not all men in their forties.

Then again, at fifty-seven, I don’t have a whole hell of a lot of room to talk.


  1. Tatyana »

    30 July 2011 · 9:19 pm

    I just knew you were bored when I clicked on that link. That wasn’t such a surefire way to provoke as you hoped it will.

    The only mental note I made is to avoid mid-forties guys from Southern Cali.

  2. GradualDazzle »

    30 July 2011 · 9:37 pm

    Brazilian waxing is not unbearable. When my tech is working, she always tells me, “You vair tough! You no flinch!” and I just tell her that, to my mind, once you’ve had a baby, nothing else hurts much. And as for the results of said wax job, they are much to be preferred, if for no other reason than cleanliness. I won’t go back.

  3. CGHill »

    30 July 2011 · 9:41 pm

    I never have quite made up my mind what I think about this particular procedure. (I’m quite sure I don’t want to undergo it myself, but then no one’s asking.) On one level, the neat nine-year-old look is a little disquieting; on another, I sneeze a hell of a lot less. I suppose this puts me slightly in the pro-Brazilian camp.

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