Beethoven rolls over the dial

There was media rumble at the end of February about country music returning to the Los Angeles FM radio dial after a six-month absence, and it didn’t occur to me to ask what it had replaced.

Now I know:

[T]he Los Angeles commercial classical music station KMZT-FM (105.1) — “K-Mozart” — switched its format to country music, bringing the latter genre back to FM radio in the Los Angeles-Orange County market.

The Los Angeles Times reports that KMZT (formerly 105.1 FM) has swapped names and formats with sister station KKGO (formerly 1260 AM) — billed as “Go Country.”

The paper quotes owner Saul Levine, president of their parent company, Mt. Wilson FM Broadcasters, as saying, “After 18 years of programming classical music, which I love, it’s been an agonizing thing, something we haven’t done on the spur of the moment. I really hope the classical music audience will be understanding. I sympathize with those who will be upset.”

Two college stations will continue with classical formats on FM: KCSN (Cal State Northridge) and KUSC (University of Southern California).

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