Boredom has its defenders

The Honda Civic has been among the favored C-segment cars for so long that when the ninth-generation model drew an actual panning from Consumer Reports, it made headlines in places other than the car sites.

Honda isn’t taking this lying down:

In a broad sense, we disagree with Consumer Reports’ findings. Without question, the small sedan segment is more competitive than ever. In virtually every way, the completely redesigned 2012 Civic is a step forward. The new Civic excels in areas that matter to small-car customers, including fuel efficiency, safety, and reliability. Among the Civic’s greatest competitive strengths, is a smooth and efficient powertrain that, in Consumer Reports testing returned, “… an impressive 30 mpg overall on regular fuel and 47 mpg on the highway.” Also noted in Consumer Reports findings, the Civic excels in the area of safety, with a long list of important features standard on all trim levels, and a class-leading ‘Top Safety Pick’ rating from IIHS. Lastly, the Civic has a stellar reliability history with Consumer Reports, and we are confident that the new Civic will be a reliability leader as well.

Shorter version: “Shacho-san is dead and we can do what we want.”

Sorry, guys, but when you’re less interesting than a freaking Ford Focus, you’ve lost the way.

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