There’s a screensaver for recess

Jennifer’s Weebot is attending one of those newfangled Virtual Schools this fall. How does this affect the traditional back-to-school frenzy? Not so much, really:

I’ve been frantically gathering the appropriate paperwork, including the silly things. (Really, you need an immunization record for a virtual school? And yet, they don’t need to verify that the anti-virus software on his PC is up to date.) Since they are still part of the public school system, they require all the same documentation.

Maybe we shouldn’t say anything out loud about AV software, lest they decide to require a specific package next school year.


  1. Jennifer »

    5 August 2011 · 9:32 am

    Since they require IE to log in, I think we’re safe for a few more years. ;)

  2. Daily Pundit »

    6 August 2011 · 11:14 am

    Virtual Vaccinations?…

    And, unlike many government policies offered under similiar justifications, this one actually works. Which brings up an interesting question: What would happen if the state could only enforce rules, policies, and prescriptions (and proscriptions) that …

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