Strange search-engine queries (288)

Once more into the logs, where we seek out the most laughable, most ludicrous, or sometimes just the most pathetic search strings from the past week. (Well, we skip the ones we think are just too gross.)

“Georgia law” upskirt:  It’s not so much the Georgia law that pesky perv photographers should fear; it’s the Georgia boyfriends, who will kick their asses all the way across Tennessee.

pairs ungrown:  Endemic disease among contemporary American males, indicated by extensive whining.

chinese jewish comedians:  For example, Yung Man Heni.

adventures of buck:  I wouldn’t know. It never stops here.

jersey is shit, by any reasonable standard. whether it’s the blight up north, or the delaware-esque blandness down south, or the tacky pseudo-americana in central, it’s a horrible, awful, mind-numbingly mediocre cultural black hole, a blemish on the rest of america, an embarrassment to itself an others, an endless source of tragic personalities and circumstances, remarkable only in its ability to lower the standards of human society.  This must be some of that “civility” we keep hearing about these days.

I”d licke toue buey Bichon ferris:  You’ve heard of Pig Latin? This appears to be Unspecified Canine Icelandic. (Either that, or auto-correct now defaults to Finnish.)

prius is a badass:  Especially compared to that wuss Yaris.

maureen dowd ugly feet:  Well, that explains everything.

oh hell no button:  The first social network to come up with one will rule the world.

vaccine lines Mazda 626 1993:  It’s almost 20 years old. Pointless to give it a shot this late.

pull anything:  Well, except this finger.

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  1. McGehee »

    8 August 2011 · 7:16 am

    I keep wishing those online polls offered, “Oh, hell no!” as an option.

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