Sandwiched into the schedule

I’ve always seen Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy as one of the Good Guys, but I was still just slightly shocked to find this in the old inbox this week:

Wars spring up every day across the globe. Disasters rock our homeland with each season. Corruption infiltrates our economy as millions lose heart. Leaders fall.

Will these circumstances guide our leadership journey?

In our struggle to rise above it all we wish a light would shine, leading us somewhere else. To a brighter place. That light has come. It’s the light of a new day. And each new day begins with you.

Will you allow your circumstances to define you? Or will you seize each day as a new chance to make a difference — to lead when no one else will?

Goodness, can Chick-fil-A do all that? Apparently they can do anything, with the exception of taking care of a case of the Sunday munchies, and you already knew that. The Chick-fil-A Leader Tour kicks off in OKC on, yes, the 20th, and it’s an all-day affair: four sessions, with two short breaks and Guess What? for lunch. Here’s the list of speakers. The local panel, I am told, will be addressing the issue of foster care in Oklahoma.

I won’t be able to pry myself away from work to attend this — it’s at the Lifechurch.TV facility at 178th and Penn — but I’d like to hear from anyone who does, just on general principle.

(Disclosure: Yes, they offered to comp me a pair of tickets, which I am not accepting.)

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