Leave it to the ladies

Donna’s looking for instances where a cover version with a woman’s voice is an improvement over the original recording by a man, and cites some reasonable examples thereof, though I think the better comparison with “Different Drum” — Linda and the Stone Poneys still rule — is with Billy Roy Hodstetter’s somewhat-rushed 1966 version. (The first actual recorded version, by the Greenbriar Boys, seems unduly arch to me for some reason.)

I suggest a possibly-obvious choice: Janis Joplin’s update of “Me and Bobby McGee,” which not only surpasses Kris Kristofferson’s own version but totally eclipses Roger Miller’s, the first version to show up on a sales chart.

And this one, perhaps not so obvious, in which the Corrs, with the able assistance of Ron Wood, manage to upstage the ghost of Jimi Hendrix:

Maybe it’s the whistle. (And if you’d like to discount Mr Wood’s presence, here’s the studio version, in which he does not appear.)

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  1. Dr. Weevil »

    3 September 2011 · 5:42 pm

    For those with a low tolerance for hoarseness, how about every single Joan Baez cover of a Bob Dylan song? Or is that too obvious?

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