Dick Cheney’s book has landed on Bride of Rove’s Kindle, and she is not what you’d call overly impressed:

His is, quite possibly, the least interesting, least engaging writing style I have ever seen in print. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t vote for Bush, I voted for Cheney and Rove. I.am.a.fan. But holy hell he’s boring. I have almost made it through the chapters that serve the sole purpose of proving that he was indeed born here on earth to relatively normal parents and that he lived a fairly normal life, managed to finish college even though he flunked out of Yale — because he wanted to flunk out of Yale and not because Yale was too hard for him (heh) — married the Homecoming Queen, managed to reproduce and stuff and not in any romantic way, mind you even though Lynn is a PhD and a great gal, it’s just that she had babies and in some nebulous, undefined way he was involved somehow.

Things apparently level off after that.

Remind me never to write a memoir. (And if I already have, please accept my apologies.)

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