Abandoned then & there

Suppose — just suppose — that the AT&T takeover of T-Mobile USA doesn’t happen. It’s no particular secret that Deutsche Telekom has been anxious to get its American stepchild off its hands and its books, but if AT&T can’t take it, who will? Sascha Segan of PCMag.com has some ideas on the subject, and I’m thinking the one I’d like the best is this:

Why should the New York Times be the only American icon rescued by Carlos Slim? Owned by the richest man in the world, América Móvil is the world’s fourth-largest mobile operator and already has a foothold in the U.S. through its ownership of Tracfone/Net10/Straight Talk. If T-Mobile is indeed America’s value player, it could have some synergies with América Móvil’s existing offerings. Also, Slim loves telecom.

And he’s already got 15 million Stateside customers: add Tmo’s 30 million, and they won’t quite catch up to Sprint for third place, but they’d be a much-stronger fourth. Besides, if anyone is capable of staring down the Death Star, it’s got to be Carlos Slim.


  1. Steve Lackmeyer »

    6 September 2011 · 8:22 pm

    As you know Charles, as a Tmobile customers I’ve been pretty ambivalent about this takeover. So much information going back and forth, and gee whiz, the folks at AT&T seem so nice … I’m sure they want what’s best for me.
    So when I learned DOJ was suing to block this deal, I hesitated in my reaction …….. for about a mili-tenth of a second and then shouted out “heck yeah!” I hope AT&T chokes on their multi-billion dollar pay-off to Tmobile when this deal falls apart.

  2. CGHill »

    6 September 2011 · 8:31 pm

    That’s my favorite kind of ambivalence: irritation plus loathing.

  3. Steve Lackmeyer »

    6 September 2011 · 9:14 pm

    Remember, I was born in New York and lived there the first 11 years of my life – I’ve got NY DNA and that means I’m well schooled in irritation and loathing.

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