The bargain hunter brings home a trophy

During my days in New England, I discovered something called Filene’s Basement, oddly enough underneath a Filene’s store. Items relegated to the Basement were marked down some startling amount, and further markdowns were taken if they survived ten, then twenty, days. After 30 days, anything left was donated to charity. I learned to keep well back as shoppers fought each other for items on Day 29.

Then again, I’m a guy. I don’t have the killer shopping gene. I’d never survive this sort of thing:

Got a Lord&Taylor end-of-season coupon in the mail (something useful in USPS pulp download, for a change) and went to get my “20% of our sale items” bargain. Naturally, same idea occurred to other 759 women, all wandering in pandem0nium around same 4 1/2 stands with all left-shoe sale merchandise and then shuffling among settees with boxes and single shoes strewn all over them in insane hope to find something wearable AND moderately priced — unlike a pair of some-designer-I-never-heard-of podium-rough creation which was generously discounted from “suggested” $1,400 to mere $850. And who, incidentally, are those crazies who’d suggest such a thing? I want to look into their shameless eyes.

She did, however, score:

Quilt by Franco Sarto

Marked down from $69 to $55 at Zappos, our heroine snagged a pair of these for a mere $30 (marked down from $125 because it’s Lord & Taylor fercrissake). For absolutely no reason I can see, Franco Sarto calls this shoe “Quilt.” I definitely like the look of it: it seems more insubstantial than it really is, though it’s hardly gossamer.

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  1. Tatyana »

    8 September 2011 · 12:46 pm

    I like the look of it, too!
    Although this opinion is not shared by all. I got a comment (that will not show in my comment section, as it was delegated to the Spam folder):
    One Sarah Pereliz from UK noted: ” Hope you dont look like the shoes, they are truely hideous, quite like your writing and like most women from your country”

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