Heading for the front seat

What can we learn from this? In her TV interview in Australia, Rebecca Black is the very picture of “we so excited.” (“I’m here in Australia! It’s so cool!”)

Closer to home, with her mom and her manager in tow, she’s not so excited:

It occurs to me that Black may just be sick of talking about “Friday” or her nascent-yet-possibly-over-maybe-never-was singing career. Sitting at this table, she’s making it perfectly clear that she’d rather not have her day consumed by the adults around her, the way any kid her age would feel. Or perhaps what Ark Music Factory and Black’s parents, publicist, and manager have unwittingly created is a much savvier player than they could have imagined. Black seems to have fully internalized, probably subconsciously, a reality that may elude other recording artists: This interview will have no impact on her career. She doesn’t need this, or any other traditional outlets, for that matter, to get people’s attention.

And maybe that’s the difference, more than being on another continent: she’d much rather speak for herself.

Which suggests to me that the date to watch for is 21 June 2015, which is her 18th birthday. (No, it’s not a Friday.) If she’s still on the radar, I’m betting she shakes up everything and heads off in a whole new direction.

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