The wheels on the Microbus

One of the snarkmeisters who’s affected me greatly over the years is the mysterious “Ed.” who responds to letters in Car and Driver. (How many years? Thirty-three, if I’ve counted correctly.) This one from November ’11 sent me into a protracted giggle fit. First, the aggrieved reader:

Geez, [Eddie] Alterman. Do you have to use such big words [Editor’s Letter, August 2011]? Most of us aren’t lexicographers.

Came back the reply:

After looking up “lexicographer,” I looked up “irony,” and there was a picture of me looking up “lexicographer” — Ed.

You can’t get a whole lot more meta than that.

(For some reason, this particular column of Alterman’s isn’t on the C/D Web site, though I will tell you that it contains such terms as “somatic” and “self-hagiography.”)

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