It’s an outrage, I tell you

Aggrieved dork goes into paroxysm:

Is it illegal for a car dealership to sell you a used car with a flat spare tire?

i have a 2000 dodge intrepid and the tire blew and went to put on the spare tire and it was flat lucky for me i was close to home but was wondering is this legal?


it was bought a few months ago and this was the first time need the spare since all the tires were fine

So he’d had the car for “a few months,” and it never occurred to him to look in the trunk?

I really hope he sues. Few things in life are quite so enjoyable as someone being laughed out of a courtroom.


  1. nightfly »

    4 October 2011 · 10:14 am

    As I once learned the hard way, a spare can go flat over time; you’ve got to check on them and keep them inflated. An ounce of prevention and all that.

  2. fillyjonk »

    4 October 2011 · 10:26 am

    How is he sure the dealer stiffed him, and it wasn’t the Underpants Gnomes or $favorite conspiracy theory that let the air out of the tire as he drove?

    Seriously, I’d love to see the Underpants Gnomes defense floated, if the case goes to court. Fight ridiculousness with ridiculousness.

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