Way too much way too soon

Number One Grandson has a Facebook account, which does not bother me greatly: I mean, he’s almost twelve, fercryingoutloud. I’ve read blogs by people with ages barely into double digits, without thinking Dark Thoughts or anything. What I wasn’t expecting, though, was that he’d be listing himself as “In a relationship.”

I duly gave my surprise an airing on my own Wall, which drew this remark from his mother: “I saw that and about passed out.”

As someone once said, “If Booth Tarkington had written Seventeen today, he’d have had to call it Twelve.” God only knows what would have happened to Penrod.

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  1. zigzag »

    5 October 2011 · 1:27 am

    “It’s complicated.”

    That is our standard [hoot] at work … courtesy of Facebook,
    there is now a status for everyone. Life was grim before the Internet, amirite ? (I love these terms.)

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