Strange how we know each other

Deborah Harkness recommended this in a tweet, and I liked it enough to pass it on.

Vienna Teng, thirty-three, graduated from Stanford and worked as a software engineer for Cisco before deciding to move into music full-time; this is from her album Waking Hour. (Words can be had from her Web site.) I think this one’s a keeper.

Update: For some reason, this one has decided to autostart. I’ve killed the embed. You can watch it here.

Further update: I’ve gone back to the old-style embed code. Let’s see if it behaves any better.


  1. sya »

    6 October 2011 · 6:10 pm

    You’ve just found out about her now? I’ve been listening to her almost since she started putting out albums.

  2. CGHill »

    6 October 2011 · 6:56 pm

    I’m not exactly in tune with the Zeitgeist.

    And yes, she’s been doing this for about a decade. Wouldn’t be the first time I was late to find out about someone.

  3. soubriquet »

    8 October 2011 · 2:24 pm

    Worked fine for me, no autoplay, just on demand!

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