Several hundred Fridays from now

Tiffani Azani writes in Business 2 Community:

I think Rebecca Black has well established that her current fame is more important than whatever else should happen in the future. But that begs the question, will her fame actually last? And in 20 years, when she looks back on her teenage fame, how will she feel? Her teenage brain has chosen fame over pride, which is understandable for someone in their youth. However, I doubt that she will feel the same, in five, ten, twenty, or even fifty years. Like many one-hit wonders before her, people will forget and she will have a minimal level of fame.

Will we still need her, will we still feed her, when she’s sixty-four? Hard to say. However, rather a lot of one-hit wonders have managed to sustain lengthy careers under the radar. Bruce Channel, who gave us the iconic “Hey! Baby,” used to quip at his live performances: “And now, I’d like to do a medley of my hit.” He’s still singing it.

There is, of course, the obligatory Future Projection:

Just imagine what archaeologists would think in three hundred years if they uncovered a video from the 21st Century, and instead of some incredibly talented artist like Yo-Yo Ma, they found a video of Rebecca Black instead?

But who the hell knows? In 2311, “music” may consist of the amplified resonance obtained by cutting bosons in two with nanochainsaws. They may not know Yo-Yo Ma from yo’ mama.


  1. McGehee »

    7 October 2011 · 11:40 am

    In 2311 anyone who hears of Yo-Yo Ma will snicker and say, “What a yo-yo!”

  2. fillyjonk »

    7 October 2011 · 11:56 am

    Eh, if she invests the money she’s making now well? Let ’em laugh. Worrying about posterity and what people will think, if anything, of you in 100 years is enough to drive you mad.

    I frankly doubt there will still BE humanity, let alone music, in 2311.

  3. Charles Pergiel »

    7 October 2011 · 12:26 pm

    Yo-yo ma. What a stupid name. Doesn’t he play the cello or something? Isn’t his stuff really boring? And isn’t cello a really stupid word? I mean, if it was any kind of regular word it would be spelled chellow, and then it would be much easier to rhyme with bellow and mellow and hellow.

  4. McGehee »

    7 October 2011 · 5:10 pm

    There’s always room for cello.

  5. Fishersville Mike »

    8 October 2011 · 11:17 pm

    Are you ready for a new song?…

    Then again, ESPN could hire Rebecca Black to rewrite her song. “It’s Monday, Monday, we play football on Monday.”…

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