Patriarchy Cola

Oh, sorry. It’s not a cola, or a root beer. It’s Dr Pepper Ten, and no girls allowed:

[T]hat’s the idea behind Dr Pepper Ten, a 10-calorie soft drink Dr Pepper Snapple Group is rolling out on Monday with a macho ad campaign that proclaims “It’s not for women.” The soft drink was developed after the company’s research found that men shy away from diet drinks that aren’t perceived as “manly” enough.

This promotion can’t lose, says Lynn:

The only women seriously offended will be those in the Perpetually Pissed Off At Men Brigade. The rest of us will either roll our eyes at the silliness of it all or be enticed to try it because we’re told it’s for men only.

Me, I’d use it to wash down a Yorkie bar.


  1. McGehee »

    12 October 2011 · 9:13 am

    Some years from now the company will relent and start marketing it to women as a subversive pleasure — perhaps even with some gal saying, “Manly, yes — but I like it too!”

  2. fillyjonk »

    12 October 2011 · 9:58 am

    “Dr. Pepper diet: the diet soda that puts hair on your chest.”

    Um, no thanks. (I don’t really like soda anyway and prefer to avoid artificial sweeteners…)

  3. nightfly »

    12 October 2011 · 11:44 am

    Yorkie Bar! The local Wegman’s supermarket stocks them in their international aisle. Never tried one, though, because I am apparently not manly-man enough. Also, I don’t want to spend $1.75 for something that would sell for half that if it was a domestic.

  4. Brian J. »

    12 October 2011 · 1:08 pm

    It has a bouquet not unlike Axe body wash.

  5. Tatyana »

    12 October 2011 · 2:53 pm

    I must be very dull (or pretentious, in some people’s eyes): I think plain clean water is the best diet drink

  6. CGHill »

    12 October 2011 · 5:08 pm

    Probably contains the fewest questionable ingredients, anyway.

  7. Jeff Brokaw »

    12 October 2011 · 10:42 pm

    What Tatyana said. Generally I avoid pop, although Coke Zero is actually pretty tasty, and I will drink that sometimes. I have enough liquid indulgences, I don’t need another one. ;-)

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