Blather, rinse, repeat

I don’t, as a rule, get surveys from the Republican National Committee, which undoubtedly has something to do with the fact that I am not a Republican. I do occasionally get stuff from my fellow Democrats, but I generally don’t mention it here unless it’s unintentionally hilarious; the last Democrat I could count on to be intentionally hilarious was the late Molly Ivins.

Then again, I’m probably not missing much. Apparently the current RNC “survey” is barely distinguishable from previous RNC “surveys”:

Here it is two years since the RNC presented us with the last “Obama Agenda Survey”, and it appears they either took little note of what a large chunk of their base was saying, or their survey was little more than window dressing … adding a bit of feel good “personal constituent involvement in party politics” before being asked to fork over the cash. If this was not the case, than why are so many of the questions the same?

(Title swiped from, um, me.)


  1. Nicole »

    15 October 2011 · 2:16 pm

    Maybe other survey recipients were like me and didn’t fill it out because to send it in, you had to send a donation as well. I have zero interest in giving the RNC money so they can use it to elect candidates like we already have.

  2. Guy S »

    15 October 2011 · 7:25 pm

    Thanks for the linky love Charles! It is “unrequested mail” like this which adds to the overwhelming evidence, that the GOP is indeed, “Teh Stupid Party” ™ © . The quality of the questions, let alone their repetitive nature, causes the mind to boggle.

    What the GOP and RNC still fail to realize is we are a preverbal “c-hair” away from tossing all of them out, of all branches and bureaucracies, and starting over from scratch.

    We The People are not waiting for a Republican (or Democrat…or Libertarian) to save us. All we desire is a return to using the “rule book” provided. If that is done, much of what is problematic with the country will be able to be resolved, or will resolve itself. But I guess that is far too simplistic a solution. Something us knuckle dragging, (allegedly) right winged, (allegedly) Christian, bible thumping, gun tooting, fly-over folk, just wouldn’t understand.

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