Looking forward to the ATM

Rebecca Black reminds you that it's Friday, FridayThis week’s Rebecca Black update is brought to you by Maxim, and yes, I mean the lad mag. In the November issue, there’s a one-page factoid cluster devoted to Black Friday, “America’s favorite shopping day,” which of course falls in November; and one of the numbers bandied about therein is $24,900, which is, says Maxim, the “cash Rebecca Black banks a week thanks to her song ‘Friday’.”

I reacted to this revelation with a very Rebecca-esque “LOL NO,” but hey, they had to have gotten that number from somewhere, right? And that somewhere is Billboard, which calculated:

Here’s the math: 43,000 tracks at 70 cents to the artist minus a 9% distribution fee, minus 0.91 cents apiece for mechanical royalties equals $24,900.

“Mechanical royalties,” in case you just walked in and/or are jargon-resistant, are due to the composer(s) and publisher. (Black didn’t write “Friday,” after all.) The catch here is that this article is dated March 22, near the crest of the sales curve; while she may have been banking 25k a week then, sales presumably have since subsided a bit.

Then again, perhaps it’s not just sales anymore:

Rolling to a stop one afternoon in my car, I flipped on the radio to hear the familiar chorus of “Friday” by Rebecca Black. I really wanted to hate that song, but somewhere in the middle I found myself singing along.

The startling news here, of course, is that somewhere an actual radio station is playing “Friday.” That’s a whole different revenue stream.

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