Not to mention that smell

It’s not quite up there with Murphy or even Godwin yet, but yes, this is a metalaw of the universe:

“At some point at every live show, someone will, ironically or otherwise, vocalize a request for the Lynryd Skynyrd song, ‘Freebird’. The volume of this request will be equally proportional to the lack of sobriety of the individual making it.”

Sean Murphy, who wrote up that particular version of the law, decided to ask local musical and ancillary acts what they did when faced with this situation. Lots of good responses, but the one I’m going to quote here is from Ferris O’Brien of The Spy FM:

“If it’s in the studio or a live DJ gig, I simply say… ‘I’ll get it on next.’ Then promptly play ‘How Soon Is Now’ by The Smiths.”

Nobody will ever accuse Ferris of shyness, criminally vulgar or otherwise.

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