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Lynn’s conclusion regarding the Occupation:

I honestly don’t think corporations are evil. They might be “Big Brother” but they make our way of life possible so I guess you could say that I do “love Big Brother.” Corporations, or the people who run them, are greedy. So am I. So are you. Greed is why we have an economy at all. And Wall Street? I really fracking hate that the entire economy is so deeply affected by the daily panic attacks of a handful of wealthy investors. But that’s just the way it is and I don’t know what can be done about it. Neither do the Occupy Wall Street protesters and that’s why they’re wasting their time. You really want to make an effective statement? Go home and write to your congressman and tell him that you’re not going to vote for him unless the unemployment rate drops below 6% by election time. And then follow through on your threat.

That ought to empty out the House (and a third of the Senate) pretty quickly.


  1. Jess »

    21 October 2011 · 4:42 pm

    Yes it would, but the paper pushers would still be around to write laws, which would have obscure sections that perpetuate their continuing drain on taxpayer dollars. I don’t know how we can get rid of them, but it’s necessary. Maybe there needs to be a pop quiz on every law. If the congress critter can’t pass, their vote is nullified. If a percentage greater than 5% fails, the law is automatically removed from vote and tabled until it can pass muster. Of course, the pop quiz will be written by a pool of people from the private sector.

  2. Roger Green »

    21 October 2011 · 5:33 pm

    Nah, substantial change is needed. Constitutional amendment to define people as people, for one. Mass action may be unfocused but it’s making people nervous; that’s a GOOD thing. http://blog.timesunion.com/rogergreen/after-the-arab-spring-comes-the-american-autumn/2462/

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