Yesterday was Thursday, wasn’t it?

For those of you who were wondering what Rebecca Black was up to this past week:

Saturday she dropped in at Variety’s Power of Youth event, presented by the Hub.

Sunday (which comes afterwards) she put out a call via the usual social media for extras to appear in the video for “Person of Interest,” presumably the single from the new album, due out Real Soon Now. The shoot started Monday and apparently finished Tuesday.

And at some point (13:19 in), Jack Black admitted to Diablo Cody that he’s never heard of Rebecca Black. (Then again, I’m reasonably certain I’d admit almost anything to Diablo Cody.)

Finally, if you’re contemplating trick-or-treating as Rebecca Black, here are some helpful hints. Be sure to have fun, fun, fun, fun.

Bonus: Fillyjonk turned up a My Little Pony setting of “Friday,” marked by a certain, um, Rarity Sweetie Belle.


  1. fillyjonk »

    28 October 2011 · 2:10 pm

    Actually, it was Sweetie Belle, Rarity’s younger sister.

    No, I am not embarrassed at all that I know that.

  2. CGHill »

    28 October 2011 · 2:28 pm

    “They look so much alike,” he said, hoping more than usual that no one would notice.

  3. fillyjonk »

    28 October 2011 · 2:31 pm

    Well, they are sisters. Except Sweetie Belle doesn’t have the I’m-trying-to-be-Kate-Hepburn accent. And her hair is different.

  4. CGHill »

    28 October 2011 · 2:40 pm

    I yield to your superior MLP knowledge. (As I must.)

  5. fillyjonk »

    28 October 2011 · 2:44 pm

    It just worries me to think what the MLP knowledge may have squeezed out of my brain. I hope I don’t go out in the field with students some afternoon and can’t remember the name of a tree, but can sing “Winter Wrap-Up” in its entirety.

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