Everybody’s a critic

Now how am I going to resist a title like 7 Words I Never Want To See In Your Blog Posts?

Actually, this really isn’t a list of words: it’s a list of this one guy’s particular bêtes noires, and most of it seems pretty inarguable, except for this:

Putting Two Spaces After Periods — Argue with me all you want, but this is no longer necessary. If you want the long explanation, check out this article in Slate, but for our purposes, let’s just say it’s an antiquated rule based on type-faces available to printers at the time and has no bearing on our writing today. This habit took me a few weeks to break, but there is absolutely no reason why you should be putting two spaces after every period in your blog writing anymore. Stop it.

In fact, I do this routinely, and no one has ever said a word, and do you know why? Because browsers take out extraneous spaces: “[i]f you write 10 spaces in your text, the browser will remove 9 of them, before displaying the page.” So I’ll type the same way I’ve typed for the last forty-odd years, thank you very much.

Incidentally, if you look at the link, it says “8 Words I Never Want [To] See.” Which means he took one out. Anyone want to guess what it might have been, or declare what it should have been?

(Via this Prof KRG tweet.)


  1. sya »

    4 November 2011 · 8:03 pm

    Maybe it’s slang acronyms like LOL or ROFL. And then he realized that there was one on his blog post pic.

  2. Joan of Argghh! »

    5 November 2011 · 7:24 am

    I, for one, would invite the blog post’s author to explain how spaces are qualified as a word. Now shall we have a rousing discussion on semantics, context and intention!

  3. Brett »

    5 November 2011 · 10:50 am

    He’s also overlooking the fact that “affect” can be a noun as well as a verb: “the conscious subjective aspect of an emotion considered apart from bodily changes; also : a set of observable manifestations of a subjectively experienced emotion” according to Merriam-Webster.

    Although it sounds kind of snooty when it’s used that way.

  4. Tam »

    5 November 2011 · 11:35 am

    I feel dumber for having read that.

    A quick glance through the site tells me that my SEO sucks, and I am not properly marketing my content creation strategy.


    I thought I was just writing a weblog…

  5. CGHill »

    5 November 2011 · 11:46 am

    The message of many of these sites is basically this: “You, too, can make enough money from your blog to — well, maybe pay the hosting bill for a year.”

    If these guys are earning a living from such tripe, the world is evidently desperate for guidance.

  6. McGehee »

    5 November 2011 · 5:59 pm

    There are also cases where “effect” can be a verb, in the sense of to make. “Utilizing a tree branch irregardless of the fact it was twisted and heavy despite having less branches on it, he effected a club so as to assume the affect of a genuine caveman.”

  7. fillyjonk »

    6 November 2011 · 4:41 pm

    You know, a person could do everything “right,” according to that chap, and still have a dead-boring blog.

    And also, it seems to me, that if you are writing a blog soley to earn money off of it, without having some kind of strong vision of what you want to share with the world, or some kind of interest or passion other than making money, you’re putting the cart before the horse. Regardless of what Sam’l Johnson said.

  8. Old Grouch »

    6 November 2011 · 7:30 pm

    “Putting Two Spaces After Periods — Argue with me all you want, but this is no longer necessary.”

    It is if I want an em-space at the end of my sentences.

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    8 November 2011 · 10:58 am

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