Across the state from Anthony Weiner

It was just yesterday that I snapped up this quotation:

The lack of creativity and innovation in these accusations leads me to believe we’re definitely dealing with a GOP inside job. Liberals always get way better stuff, like that time you were trolling Chuck E. Cheese in a tiger costume holding a bottle of Maker’s Mark.

Then again, once in a blue moon — and in this case, in a blue stateRepublicans find something with marginal entertainment value:

A Monroe County [New York] legislator running for re-election on Tuesday has admitted that he posted naked photos of himself on a personal website.

C. Stephen Eckel removed two of the photos Friday after 13WHAM’s Sean Carroll questioned Eckel about the photographs. Eckel confirmed he took the photos, which he describes as artistic.

Well, yeah, he would. Then again, he has served as adjunct professor of photography at a local community college, and God knows they don’t pay adjuncts enough to hire models.

Eckel’s official statement:

“Today, we have seen Monroe County Republicans stoop to a new low in order to distract the public from the real issues facing county taxpayers — the crushing property tax burden, need for jobs and the culture of corruption that has plagued county government. My opponent has run a negative smear campaign that has distorted the facts.”

First question: are there positive smear campaigns?

I didn’t see any references to it, or to much of anything, on his opponent’s Web site, which is bland to the max, though said opponent does contribute the expected sound bite to the story.

However, Eckel’s claim (in the video) that he didn’t realize these shots were so easily Googleable makes him look like a hopeless naïf. Were I running GOP campaigns in the Rochester area, that’s the angle I’d be hitting.

(Via this nudiarist tweet.)


  1. Charles Pergiel »

    6 November 2011 · 12:06 am

    On one hand, play it safe, don’t put anything on the net that you don’t want made public. On the other hand, there is some pretty good security out there. For example, I’ve never had any trouble with my bank account. On the other hand there are all kinds of web hosting services out there. Do you trust the security provided Joe B. Homer’s web service? On the gripping hand, Google sometimes returns links to pages that I cannot access. What’s up with that?

    This whole business of making a fuss over pictures of naked people is pretty ridiculous, but I suppose that’s the kind of crap that wins elections in the United States of Stupid these days.

    All campaigns where they extol the benefits/virtues of a candidate are smear campaigns. It’s just that they are smearing happy, warm and fuzzy all over their candidate, and they don’t call it a smear, but the techniques are the same, only the substance is different.

  2. unimpressed »

    6 November 2011 · 3:38 am

    Cool. Another Niven fan. Cheers, CP.

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