NaBloPoMo: so-so

These days, we’re told that we need a content creation strategy, whatever the heck that’s supposed to be, and you can’t have a strategy without some sort of gimmick: hence there exists a National Blog Posting Month.

The Friar describes his own experience:

November is the month bloggers are encouraged to post every day; it has some squashed-together name but I can never remember it. I’ve done that the last couple of years, but last year, when December 1 came around, I thought I might try to continue the schedule and see how far I could take it. Today’s post means I have posted at least one entry every day for a year. I haven’t done that much continuous writing since I worked for the newspaper.

Of course, having a life can get in the way:

So when I was going to be at church camp, I could pre-write a few posts and set them up to show up one a day. Some may call that cheating, to which I have to reply, there’s a rulebook for this? And, bite me.

Disclosure: At any given moment, I generally have one to five posts in the can, ready to go. (At one point last week, I had nine.) This enables me to dole them out on a schedule that creates the impression that I do this all day, every day, which is obviously not true since I have a day job for 45-50 hours a week and I really don’t have time to write at work. Almost all the stuff you see here Monday will have been written Sunday, possibly even on Saturday.

Still, I do manage to squeeze out at least one post a day, and have done so since, let’s see, June 23, 2000. So my personal “content creation strategy” is actually health-related: should I miss a day, you should probably assume that something horrible has happened to me. In fact, this may be the only way anyone would know, given my tendency to play my real-life cards close to the vest.

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