Quote of the week

While others snark about how Penn State might as well rename itself “State Pen,” Jennifer tries to figure out the mindset of the students who rioted after Joe Paterno was sent packing, and comes up with this:

I of course do not approve of raping children or the coverup of same, no no no, but still think it’s a goddamned shame the school has to lose all that sweet football money and important athletic prestige just because some tattletale couldn’t keep his damned mouth shut. Not that I’m saying the rape of children is a good thing, mind you, unless a TSA agent does it for national security reasons which obviously was NOT a mitigating factor here, but there is a LOT of money at stake here, y’know, and alumni football fans to keep happy, and idealistic-purity arguments about not corrupting education or the law with the protection of athletic programs tend to be dreadfully ignorant of how the real world works, y’know?

Incidentally, the phrase “Mount Nittany” contains no verb.

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