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We open with a quote from Robert Stacy McCain’s original Rule 5 piece:

It’s not just guys who enjoy staring at pictures of hotties. If you’ve ever picked up Cosmo or Glamour, you realize that chicks enjoy looking at pretty girls, too. (NTTAWWT.) Maybe it’s the vicious catty she-thinks-she’s-all-that factor, or the schadenfreude of watching a human trainwreck like Britney Spears, but no one can argue that celebrity babes generate traffic.

So I’m thinking: do they have to be celebrity babes? How about a reasonably public figure who is not actually in showbiz?

Okay, there’s an NBA connection, kinda sorta, involving the soon-to-be-relocating New Jersey Brooklyn Nets. Background:

The Atlantic Yards project [in Brooklyn] cleared a major hurdle … when New York State was granted the right to use eminent domain for the development. The project has had a long political history pitting the developer, Forest City Ratner, against local groups, and an equally interesting design history.

MaryAnne Gilmartin, Executive Vice-President of Forest City Ratner, is in charge of the Atlantic Yards development. Gilmartin has spent 15 years at Forest City. Doesn’t seem to have worn her down much:

MaryAnne Gilmartin

In general, I am not a big fan of eminent domain, but obviously I am easily distracted.

(Original photo from this Jenna Goudreau article for Forbes.)

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