It’s no face like Chrome

So after telling Mozilla to cram Firefoxes 4 through 7 inclusive, I finally broke down and installed version 8.0.1, mostly because the entreaties are becoming a bit louder and if they’re going to force it on me, as I suspect they would if they had half a chance, I want it done sometime other than late Sunday night.

For the moment, I’m giving it the not-too-coveted Doesn’t Entirely Suck award, since (1) it hasn’t actually crashed on me yet, something I couldn’t say of 3.6.N, where N=damn near anything, and (2) it appears to have something resembling speed on some of the more cluttered sites out there. (My speed-test site of late has been stay lovely, since I can count on it to load a couple of dozen animated GIFs and at least one audio file every time.)

On the downside, the right-click menu has been altered — “open in new tab” is now on top, rather than in second place, which I’ll have to get used to, and “view source” has disappeared from its usual spot in the menu, moving to Tools/Web Developer. (Ctrl-U also works, but both open a new window, and there are times when I’d rather have a tab.) Worse, at least in terms of my own specific usage pattern, is that the History dropdown (as opposed to the full-fledged box) allows neither new window nor new tab: you click on something in there and it overwrites your current tab. And the little search box, while it remains set to Wikipedia — there are several other sites built in, and others can be added — no longer offers autocompleted search suggestions. Still, it’s probably better than Chrome, if only because Google extends less of a hook into my data, though Chrome has apparently passed Firefox in the battle for second place in the Browser Wars, behind a certain Microsoft product which, says Bill Quick, demonstrates that “40% of global computer users are so tech-clueless they can’t install a better browser.”

But if Mozilla continues to screw around with Firefox for no good reason — well, Safari, so good.


  1. Bill Peschel »

    3 December 2011 · 2:29 pm

    I had troubles with Firefox locking up on me, which meant I had to rebuild my system (backing up my carefully curated layout and posts using MozBackup, deleting FF, reinstalling it and carefully putting stuff back). Annoying.

    Chrome decided to go the other way, by doing what it damn well pleases and not letting me fix anything. (Show you all your downloads at the bottom? Of course! Keep the list and forcing you to delete them? Damn right.) So it’s a pain in its own way.

    Now we’re a two-browser computer. The wife and child got disgruntled enough with FF to use Chrome, while I flit between the two.

  2. Jeffro »

    3 December 2011 · 2:49 pm

    I got burned out by the constant updates to FF, plus at one point Google Toolbar became incompatible. So I rolled back to v3.6.whatever. The last update for that version took away my search box with all the different search engines I liked in the upper right corner, and I couldn’t get it back, or find anything about it online.

    The shiny new browser is the default now. It’s hardly perfect, but so far, so good.

  3. Tatyana »

    3 December 2011 · 3:16 pm

    Well, I am still stoically holding the fort. FF tz-tz-tz ing on me every time I turn on the net, but I pretend I don’t see it.

  4. Teresa »

    3 December 2011 · 3:17 pm

    I haven’t had any problems with FF 8. Then again I also have ad block plus running and have been pondering using noscript. But for the most part things load quickly enough and it doesn’t crash like it did under 4.

    I refuse to use Chrome since google already gets part of my email to scan for ad revenue. And Safari doesn’t like to render fonts nicely for me – rather odd since I thought fonts were one of Steve Jobs big deals. Then again I don’t like to squint so my fonts in my browsers are set fairly large. I’m gonna bet he would not like to have my screen as a demo. ;-)

  5. Kay Dennison »

    3 December 2011 · 4:26 pm

    I finally got Firefox after deciding that I couldn’t bear IE another moment. I am getting tired of its constant changes that seem to serve any purpose. I looked at Chrome and rapidly decided it was worthless in less than five minutes.

    Firefox is the least of the evils so I guess I’m stuck.

  6. CGHill »

    3 December 2011 · 5:04 pm

    And then I come upon this:

    Why doesn’t Mozilla Firefox give me the option to print out a picture from the Internet?

    For that matter, why won’t Firefox wash my damn car?

    File under “Asking Too Much.”

  7. Mel »

    3 December 2011 · 7:15 pm

    Yeah, been there, danced to that tune.

    Running Chrome as primary on the OS X box, with FF & Safari handy …. FF primary on the XP box, with IE awaiting any government sites that “require IE 4.5 or greater” … and FF primary on a Fedora laptop with Chrome on standby.

  8. McGehee »

    3 December 2011 · 7:32 pm

    I still use Firefox, and have been rolling along with the new versions all the while — including using the beta versions of 7 and 8.

    Chrome just won’t do — it’s not customizable enough; there are things I must have and no browser does them natively and only FF’s addons offer them. And Safari is too bound up in Steve Jobs’ god complex.

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