On the mummy track

Tam watches footage of things that are happening to unsanctioned border-crossers in the American Southwest, and issues the following advice to those who would follow:

[W]hat I learned from all this is that hiking for days in the desert with just a couple gallon jugs of Gatorade between you and a really convincing Amenhotep IV impression is incredibly stupid and dangerous. You would think that this would be blindingly obvious, but apparently it’s not.

Reminds me, vaguely, of my brief sojourn in California, which necessitated a few automotive trips across the Mojave. (One does not simply walk into that part of San Bernardino County.) Behind the back seat were several jugs of engine coolant, one for me should it be necessary, and others to bail out stranded motorists for a small fee. (Miles from nowhere, Prestone sells quite well at twice what you’d pay at AutoZone, another example of supply and demand at its finest.)

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