Strange search-engine queries (305)

There’s a fine line, they say, between Honored Tradition and mere habit, and on Monday mornings we straddle that line and hope for the best.

buy “evisceration fork”:  It’s normally supplied as a matched set with the knife. (There is no spoon.)

blue drive not green:  Neither is it yellow, nor red.

bottom of automotive food chain:  Um, a Yugo with a salvage title?

douchebags with nice cars:  Amazingly, they’re not any less douchey as a result.

e k gaylord saw a russian submarine in lake hefner:  Which probably turned out to be a car driven off the boat dock by some douchebag.

kc and the sunshine band soy tu hombre boogie:  That’s “I’m Your Boogie Man,” if you happen to be getting down to Chile tonight.

hype is the death of all sub-culture:  Well, it’s certainly taking its sweet time.

Dress code for national christmas tree lighting:  In general, don’t wear anything that’s flashier than the tree itself.

pursuit of awfulness:  Claimed in the Declaration of Dependence, endorsed by roughly half the population of late.

love can make you happy on you tube:  I’d settle for links that work most of the time.

are people from iowa stubborn:  Didn’t you just pump a couple of gallons of ethanol into your tank?

no wonder im  Reserve this domain now for only $15,500.

are there alligators wandering around the neighborhood of 33455:  Southeast Florida? Probably not. They’d get mugged.

now i need a verse recalling pi:  Should I have saved this until installment #314, maybe?


  1. Kirk »

    5 December 2011 · 10:31 am

    No spoon? Of course there’s a spoon, you twit, because it’s dull, and it hurts! :)

  2. CGHill »

    6 December 2011 · 10:40 am

    I should probably save this for reference, perhaps as an answer to “Why are the GOP debates like a spoon?”

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