Loser interface

For an alleged communications company, this is not exactly what anyone would call communication:

Clicking on “LOG IN” on your start page really ought to take me to, you know, a login window or summat, instead of doing nothing at all, leaving me to flounder cluelessly until I find a page with specific logins for each and every kind of service and package you offer (Wireless. Home Phone. DSL. TV. Home phone and Internet. Wireless and cable but not Wireless Cable. Wireless and home phone, no Internet, Cable on Sundays only. Wireless Teletext with simultaneous translation to and from Lithuanian.

Been there, wandered through that. It’s as though they commanded the designer: “We want you to make this exactly like our voicemail, only in pictures.”


  1. Nicole »

    7 December 2011 · 7:50 pm

    Oh, God, yes. I have filled out uncountable surveys on their site laying down a mile of bitch about it. Obviously does nothing since they don’t really read those surveys.

  2. Mel »

    9 December 2011 · 10:31 am

    Referencing the same DeathStar(tm) … I recently had the audacity to sign in 1,500 miles from home to, you know, pay my bill.

    Their system didn’t know who I was, cause, “Yer not from around these parts”.

    I actually had to manually change my location to sign in to a national company’s website.

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