Strange search-engine queries (309)

Another year, which means another bunch of Mondays, which means this series goes on and on. And on.

“amc” “pacer” “clock radio”:  Nice to see that one of these ancient goldfish bowls is finding a new life on a night stand.

car has transmission problem. can i drivr on freeway:  For about ten, maybe fifteen feet. Suggestion: sell it and buy an AMC Pacer.

deadpool filthy rotted “schroeder” mike seth:  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I figure that if he’s already filthy and rotted, I’m thinking that he’s ineligible for the current dead pool.

i feel like im losing my social skills:  Is this the same guy who’s asked this three times before? In that case, the answer is Yes.

people keep stealing my pens:  You wouldn’t have this problem if you had some social skills.

“second life” “meghan’s” shemales:  So that’s where all your Linden dollars are going.

grease pick up blogs:  Conversely, blogs can and do pick up grease.

HAS BEANS:  And, if he has a blog, grease to fry them in.

girl in bra in jail:  The fetishists are getting ever more specific.

zooey deschanel bun in the oven:  For now, she remains bunless, so to speak.

what is lesley gore’s bra size:  It’s her undies, and she’ll talk if she wants to.

michele bachmann legs:  By now you should have already seen this picture:

Michele Bachmann sitting quietly

(Via The Bachmann Cometh.)

a visual i didn’t need:  Geez, you should have told me that before I posted the picture.

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  1. Dan B »

    2 January 2012 · 11:33 am

    Bachmann looks pretty good, then she opens her mouth and all sorts of stupid and ugly come flowing forth.

    As for her husband, he pegs out the Gaydar. I’d been surprised if he WASN’T giving his “patients” a bit of the Sandusky treatment.

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