Quick and non-dirty

“Less is more,” said Mies, though hardly anyone seemed to believe him.

Jane Pratt apparently believed him. The old Jane magazine had a feature called “Makeunder,” as opposed to the ubiquitous makeover: replace the overdone face with something minimal and fresher-looking. And now we’re seeing the Makeunder on xojane.com, very much in the same spirit.

The subject of the most recent Makeunder is Sammy “Sweetheart” Giancola of Jersey Shore, who says it takes her two hours to prep, preen, and otherwise primp. Total time for the Makeunder: five minutes flat. Apparently Mies was right after all.

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  1. Dan B »

    2 January 2012 · 11:29 am

    SO much better in the After shot. She actually looks like a woman instead of a mannequin.

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