But is it hard to steer?

Sammy Hagar, we’ve found you a girlfriend:

A BMW driver is threatening to sue her local council claiming plans for a blanket 20mph speed limit will damage its powerful engine.

Diane Greenwood, 47, says her £25,000 car struggles to cope in fourth gear at such low speeds and she will be forced to drive around in third, putting extra strain on the engine and creating more pollution.

It is the usual policy of this site to side with the leadfooted female, but maybe not this time. If it’s struggling in fourth, it’s lugging, and it will do less of that in third. At 20 mph, in fact, you might as well be in second.

(For those who care: A Eurospec 320d — they won’t send us one — churns out 181 hp and 280 lb/ft of torque, unless she spent the extra few quid for the EfficientDynamics Edition, which seems doubtful.)

Besides, Diane, you need to get out of town more often:

Wider support for 20mph zones is understood to be a condition agreed by the Lib Dems in return for backing an increase in the motorway speed limit to 80mph.

Which, if nothing else, shows the advantage of the parliamentary system: our own liberal Democrats usually offer nothing in trade for their loony ideas.

(Via Fark.)

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