Quote of the week

Bill Quick, contemplating the (perhaps temporary) rise of Rick Santorum:

Do Republicans seriously believe that in an America governed by Barack Obama, an America with an economy flat on its back, unemployment well over fifteen percent, rising prices on food and energy (which isn’t an inflationary problem as long as you don’t eat, drive a car, or heat your home) and a President and his party hell-bent on forcing you to spend your money in any way they tell you to do so (the first such mechanism being Obamacare itself), again, do you seriously believe that the main issues we need to deal with are abortion and gay marriage?

Similarly — but not that similarly — from the Curmudgeon Emeritus:

Your Curmudgeon has no problem with Santorum’s prescription, if it’s meant as an appeal to private American citizens to make themselves better. But if it’s to be taken as a call for intensified social meliorism through government action — e.g., strengthened “vice” laws; revival and rigorous enforcement of vestigial laws against adultery and fornication; laws criminalizing homosexual sodomy and other sexual deviances; perhaps a “public service” campaign against pharmaceutical contraception — your Curmudgeon will have no truck with it. Neither will the great majority of American voters.

Of course, we could just tell ourselves that Santorum is just blowing Holy Smoke to draw the social conservatives, and wouldn’t actually try to enact, for lack of a better term, Prohibition 2.0; but if we really wanted someone whose words and deeds tend to diverge, we could always throw our support to Mitt Romney — or, for that matter, to the incumbent.


  1. McGehee »

    6 January 2012 · 10:01 am

    Santorum happened to be the last unvetted conservative standing on Caucus Night.

  2. Roger Green »

    6 January 2012 · 3:29 pm

    Santorum could go a while ASSUMING Perry does poorly in SC and drops out; that $$ has to go somewhere.

  3. CGHill »

    6 January 2012 · 4:15 pm

    Assuming Perry remembers which state he’s supposed to be in at any given moment. (I have lapses like that, but I’m old.)

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