Many stickers peeled

Last year, 12,778,885 cars and light trucks were sold in the US, up somewhere around 10 percent from last year, prompting the following not-entirely-random extrapolations from yours truly:

  • The Blue Oval wins Most Ubiquitous Badge for ’11; 2.05 million Fords were sold, versus 1.78 million Chevrolets and 1.64 million Toyotas.
  • Audi outsold Infiniti last year, and nearly caught up with Acura, though they still trail Lexus by a bunch.
  • Market share changes, ’10 to ’11: GM, 19.1 to 19.6 percent; Ford, 16.9 to 16.8 percent; Chrysler Group, 9.3 to 10.7 percent.
  • Both ostensibly Swedish brands — Volvo, now owned by a Chinese firm, and Saab, now circling the drain — showed modest gains in 2011.
  • Hyundai/Kia outsold Nissan last year, and darn near caught Honda.
  • Mitsubishi sales were up over 40 percent. No one knows why.
  • Almost thirty thousand Porsches? Really?
  • So far, Fiat doesn’t seem to be taking any sales away from Mini. (In Canada, though, Fiat outsells both Mini and Toyota’s Scion brand.)

And for the 11th year in a row, I did not buy a brand-new car.

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